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Mission Statement

How do we conceptualize migration when we can only know it through the people we meet? What is the worth of one person’s story among millions? How do we sort through the great diversity of stories—from even one person’s life—to build an idea of what migration is and how it has affected both our world and ourselves? When do we see the boundaries of nation-states begin to blur and the divisions between East and West, North and South, become confused? What is our role in this? How do we lay claim to culture, land and tongue? Migration: an issue that is global in scale, politically complicated, and fundamentally human in nature. Cinema: an art form that is global in appeal, versatile in political function, and fundamentally human in design. Both derive their meaning from movement—people moving across borders and pictures moving across screens. Cine Migratorio embraces these broad and basic definitions of migration and cinema in hopes of encompassing the widest possible range of stories and lived experiences. Often, migration is rightly linked to negative images of globalization, capitalism, exploitation and discrimination. But flows of migration provoke not only cultural conflict but also cultural exchange: the sharing of our stories and worldviews, solidarity in the face of oppression, the development of diasporas, the movement of ideas and the creation of new relationships. We do not aim to treat cinema as a tool to effect political change. Tools stay fixed in our hands, but cinema moves us. We hope to provide, for at least one weekend, a space for many stories to be told and heard, shown and shared.


  • Alicia Acosta, USA
  • Alexa Carrasco, USA
  • Anand Balasubrahmanyan, USA
  • Courtney Sheehan, USA
  • Daniel Pérez Torralbo, Spain
  • Elisa Hernández Agulo, Spain
  • Erick Romig, USA
  • Javier Bustamente González, Spain
  • Libby Masback, USA
  • Natalie Mendina, Panama
  • Nikki Hatza, USA
  • Oumaima Azhary, Morocco
  • Ricardo Fernández, Spain
  • Vera Müller, Germany
  • Samia Bouzid, USA
  • Seema Kumar, USA
  • Willa Song, USA


Our event hinges on collaboration with local arts and social justice groups. Our partners, collaborators, advisors and friends have greatly helped us to expand and enrich the programme.

Centro Cultural Eureka
A community arts organization located in Santander, Eureka plans several projects that explore European culture, travel and citizenship. Through language classes, movie nights, electronic music seminars, photography exhibits and more, they have built a dynamic community of local youths interested in foreign cultures. The energetic, experienced, and wonderful Eureka staff play a enormous role in planning and advocating for Cine Migratorio.

Centro de Cooperación al Desarollo Fernando de los Ríos (UIMP)
Based out of the renowned Universidad Internacional Menéndez Pelayo, the CCD Fernando de los Ríos supports various projects—large and small—that advocate for development projects across the world. Besides generously providing a space for the event, CCD Fernando de los Ríos aids Cine Migratorio in the development and expansion of our programme. Many thanks to Javier Rodríguez Goméz. Without his belief in theproject, none of it would be possible.

Cantabria Acoge
Part of the national network of “Acoge” organizations, Cantabria Acoge is an independent and autonomous NGO that works tirelessly to support the immigrant community in Cantabria. Since 1992, Acoge has been offering legal advising, employment services, housing aid, counseling, Spanish and English classes, skills workshops, short courses and a welcoming community to any and all newcomers to the region. The incredibly dedicated and lovely staff aid around 800 people every year. Their open minds, energy and wisdom have given this project much depth and direction.

Caja Cantabria CASYC_UP
Caja Cantabria’s beautiful cultural center, CASYC_UP, has been the home of most festival activities. With beautiful theaters, meeting spaces, exhibition rooms, filming and editing equipment, they provide an important space for artistic production and performance in Santander. Their unflagging support of the film festival has made the whole project possible.
Ayuntamiento de Santander

The contributions of the following individual made Cine Migratorio possible. We would like to thank:

Max Postman, Gabriel Tomasulo, Eleanor Russell, Felicity Slater, Jenny Marion, Timothy Hederman, Alex Schechter, Em Lawler, Ruth Campbell, Sarah Mirk, Holden Bale, Grant Custer, Chris Wilson, Rex Unger, Lucy Bloch-Webha, Asa Wilder, Esther Howe, Ethan Struby, Kolean Pitner, Thomas Bateman, Lilith Ben-Or, Zoe Schein, Chris Farstad, Ben Shirar, Cathe Schubert, Courtney Waldron, Sarah, Rebecca Park, Craig Loschmann, Skip and Amy Masback

And for all their help (we couldn’t have done it without you!):

Will Brady, Javier Bustamente González, Javier Rodríguez Goméz, Javier Ontañón, Daniel Pérez Torralbo, Ricardo Fernández, Pilar Bezanilla, Marta Sánchez Tazón, María Angeles Pérez, Lorenzo Ortiz, Cesar Martin, Natalie Medina, Victor, Lamine Msiage, Ibrahuma Faye, Mamadou Salousar, Luz Stella Vargas, Carolina Gareia V., Julian Lopez M, Carlos Enrique Peluez, Fatima Zohra Ouazzani, Oumaima Ell, Edgardo Zarza, Arsen, Keisy, Don Flynn (Migrants’ Rights Network, Reino Unido), Romulo Hernandez (San Francisco Immigrant Film Festival, Estados Unidos), Stefania Piccinelli (Terra di Tutti Film Festival, Italia), Benny Benedict (ViBGYOR International Film Festival), Sara García Villanueva (Play-Doc Tui International Documentary Film Festival, España), Sawsan Darwaza (Karama Human Rights Film Festival, Jordania), Ayuntamiento de Santander, CASYC, Cantabria Acoge, Eureka, UIMP, Metropole, El Mono que Chilla, Urban Classics, La Caverna de la Luz, Demolden, IES Lope de Vega, Erin O’Sheehan
We would also like to extend our gratitude to several film festivals that have helped us by offering input, facilitating contact with the filmmakers, and offering technical assistance.

Many of the films that appear in the program came to us directly from this group of international festivals, and so we thank:

Karama Human Rights Film Festival, Jordan
Terra di Tutti Film Festival, Italy
ViBGYOR International Film Festival, India