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New Projects

After two abundant editions of Cine Migratorio in 2012 and 2013, we are glad to say that the project lives on. Though the founders of the festival have moved to new cities and new pursuits, we continue to collaborate with artists and organizers interested in migration in and around Spain.

Santander Filmmaking Course
Maia Chao, Daniel Stern, Yanique Campbell

In ten sessions, the participants, coming from different worlds and experiences, will learn to tell their stories of migration through the filmmaking process. They will develop various methods and techniques of visual narration, script-writing, filming, recording, and editing. People come and go from Santander for diverse motives: professional, economic, political, cultural, social, etc. The goal of Cine Migratorio is to tell the stories of migration that are often marginalized, and this filmmaking course is an important part of that. As in years past, we work in collaboration with Cantabria Acoge, Eureka Cultural Centre, caysc_UP and a team of international volunteers.


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