“The problem was there before all of us. We were just born into it, like the generation before us and the one before it.” This is how Baba described the conflict that plagued his tribe in his homeland of Ghana. Though the tribe had a history of conflict, Baba explained, “You didn’t see it. It … Read more

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Bruno Diabang is one of many Senegalese immigrants that arrive in Spain by the thousands every year. However, Bruno’s story does not begin like that of many, on a patera, a rickety wooden boat built for the 1,200-mile journey from Senegal to the Canary Islands. Bruno’s story begins with a woman whose name is Rebeca. … Read more

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In June of 2009, Iranians surged into the streets of Tehran in protest of Mahmoud Ahmadinejad’s reelection as president. His landslide victory insinuated fraud and left outraged citizens demanding, Where is my vote? As protests escalated, the opposition massacred these crowds. Citizens were randomly and methodically killed or captured. Nasrin was living in Tehran while … Read more

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Patrice was born in Cameroon, the middle child of seven and everything that connotes. Patrice’s father worried about his son. “You’re not my father!” Patrice was known to scream. “I’m going to run away. I’m going to leave!” And so one day, when Patrice was ten, his father took him out alone. They sat down … Read more

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“Damn gondola,” Iñaki wrote on the postcard he sent his girlfriend from Rome, six years after the gondola ride that changed her life forever. “The problem is,” Rolande confessed, “It might have been ‘blessed gondola’ after all.” A long series of mixed fortunes and misfortunes led Rolande from her hometown of Douala, Cameroon to Italy … Read more

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At 27 years old, Malick, a native of Gambia living in Senegal, set out for the Canary Islands on a creaky wooden boat with 113 people. There were days when waves slammed across the boat, when storms shook their vessel and their spirits; days when Malick did nothing but pray, days when he thought he … Read more

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